Watch cable TV on computer

Watch cable TV on computer

Do you have a favorite TV show?

I do. There are certain nights of the week when I plan my night around a specific show.   A few weeks ago, my one and only television's screen decided that it had had enough and it burned out completely.  I tried to get it fixed, but the handy man said it would be cheaper do buy a new one.  

watch cable tv on computerSince I am a student and have limited funds, I knew I wouldn't be able to purchase a new one. But I also knew I couldn't miss my shows.  So since I own a laptop, I looked into ways to watch cable TV on computer.   

I was so excited to find that there are multiple ways to make it so that you can use your computer like a television so that you can watch cable TV on computer!  This discovery was going to make it so easy for me to watch my cable shows while I saved up money for a new television.  I think I may even stick with watching cable on my computer even when I do have a TV!  Its so convenient and portable.  Now no matter what room I'm in, I can watch my shows!

There are 2 main ways to watch cable TV on computer....

1.) Purchase & Install a PC/TV Card into your computer

The first is to purchase a PC-TV card to install on your computer. By using this card, you are able to stream live TV through your already-existing cable television provider. You have the option of either using an internal PC-TV card or an external one to gain access to viewing your cable service on your computer. 

The internal ones need to be installed on the inside of your computer, while the outside one is used through a USB port on your computer.  Either way will work for you. Click here to view a nice selection of cards I recommend if you don't want to go with option #2 below. 

2.) Download software

The second main way to watch cable TV on computer is to purchase software that will help you stream live satellite channels and programs right to your computer.  Downloading the software is a snap and does not take very long to do. 

Typically, in less than 20 minutes, you'll be ready to watch cable TV on your computer when using the software. While both options will get you similar results, purchasing a PC-TV card may get expensive. To keep costs low, it may be most beneficial to simply use the downloadable program. It's quick and easy and it has done great things for my cable watching on my computer. Plus, you get access to THOUSANDS of channels with no monthly fees. Click here to check out the software I recommend.

How to Watch Satelite TV On PC or Laptop

Hurray for technology because almost anyone can now turn their personal computer or laptop in to a cable TV. Yes, it is now very possible for anyone considering the price and how easy it is to watch satelite TV on PC or your laptop.

Believe it or not, you donít even need to buy those very expensive TV sets that can be used as a PC monitor and you most certainly donít need to buy an expensive PC with satellite TV
capabilities built in. So how do you
watch satelite TV on PC or your laptop without doing those?

Here are two simple ways to watch satelite TV on PC or your laptop without spending hundreds of dollars:

1.) Get a TV tuner PCI card for your personal computer. There is quite a lot of this hardware sold just about any computer shop. They normally cost from $80 up depending on the features and make.

Check the brand of your PC and what kind of motherboard you have before purchasing a TV tuner PCI card because certain TV tuner PCI cards may not fit in your motherboardís PCI slots. If you are familiar with PC hardware then it should be no big hassle to open your CPU and insert the PCI card by yourself.

2.) The more hassle free approach for those who are not that familiar with computer hardware is to download and buy PC TV tuner software online. This is ideal if you donít know how to open up your PC and insert additional hardware such as a PCI card.

The main advantage of software over TV tuner PCI card is that it is very easy to install after you download it. Software is also ideal if you intend to watch cable TV on your laptop. Imagine being able to watch cable TV on your laptop anywhere as long as you have internet connection.

Both methods have its advantages. The common factor is that you no longer need to subscribe to a cable TV provider so it could really save you a lot. They are also perfectly legal so there is nothing to worry about.

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